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We gift the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to ordinary humans – making them extraordinary.


What we actually do…

Help your team get 5x as much done.


How it works


Customise your feed

  • Build a personalised feed by choosing keywords that matter to you, using our advanced search logic.

Source scanning

  • Our multilingual AI search engine scans global news sources in 105 languages. It triggers an internal alert as soon as a match is found.

AI enrichment

  • We enrich the results by translating them and adding context, sentiment, tagging and classification.

Data transformation

  • Our algorithm cleans the results and transforms them into a readable and hassle-free format.

Content delivery

  • Read content through the Gentle Reader app, an RSS feed, a daily report email or on your own system.


Automated curation…

allows you to scale seamlessly, read content from across the world, streamline your curation process and improve your output.


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